Acorn Acorn 7

Video Tutorials


Opening, Creating, & the Canvas

Basics of how to open your image, create a new image, and Acorn’s canvas.

Saving an Image

A basic review of how to save an image you have opened and modified.

Layers Basics Part 1

An introduction to the layers list, opacity slider, and blending modes.

Layers Basics Part 2

How to add multiple images to your layers, then rotate and move them around.

Using Acorn with Photos

Learn to edit your images from Photos in Acorn.

Filters Basics

Learn the basics of how to use Acorn's powerful stackable filter interface.

Shape Processor Basics

Discover the ease of Acorn's shape processor for creating vector designs.


Paint Tool

How to use Acorn's paint tool and a few nifty brush tricks.

Text Tool

New to text? Learn how to get started with this tutorial.

Shape Tools

Get acquainted with the basics of the shape tools.


An introduction to the various selection tools.

Quick Mask

Discover how to use quick mask mode to remove a background.

Clone Tool

Learn to use Acorn’s clone tool across layers, across images, and to “stamp”.

Bezier Curve Tool Part 1

A quick introduction on how to use the Bézier tool, with a link to a sample image.

Bezier Curve Tool Part 2

Draw a Bezier Curve then modify its anchor points and add more anchor points.

Circle Text Tool

Learn how easy it is to place your text on a circle to create a logo.

Path Text Tool

Create text on a path like the pros to take your designs to the next level.

Image Editing

Remove a Background

Use instant alpha and the eraser tool to remove an image background.

Introduction to Curves

Use curves to adjust the shadows, midtones, and highlights in your image.

Straighten a Crooked Image

How to quickly straighten your crooked photos using the crop tool.

Adjust the Color of the Sky

Use the magic wand and gradient tools to adjust the sky color.


How to use Acorn to watermark your images with text or with another image.

Make a Vector Cog 

Learn how to use shape tools and boolean operations to create a cog shape.

Fade Out Techniques

Learn how to use layer masks and gradients to fade out your image.

Making a Specific Selection Size

How to set a selection with specific dimensions.

Background Blur Filter

Use the background blur filter to quickly blur a specific area of your image.

Locking Layer Transparency

Use a layer mask to preserve layer transparency.

Clipping to a Shape Layer

Discover how to use blending modes to clip to a shape layer.

Photo Touchup Tutorials


Straighten a Crooked Photo

Straighten up images that turned out a bit crooked.

Black & White

A few different ways of converting a color photo into black & white. 

Sepia Tone

How to give your photo a classic look.

Clone Tool

Learn how to efficiently use the clone tool.


Red Eye Removal

Get the demons out.

Changing Colors

How to change eye and hair colors.

Restoring and Coloring Old Photos

Learn how to make an old black and white photo a color photo.

Soft Lighting

How to create soft lighting using filters and gradients.

Color Correction

Too dark?  Too blue?  Learn how to fix it using levels and filters.

HDR Effect

Give your photos a high dynamic range appearance.

Lighten or Darken

How to lighten and darken specific areas of your image. 

Color Correcting Part 2 

Fix poor contrast and washed out images with blend modes.

Retouching a Portrait

Learn how to whiten teeth, add lipstick, and brush on some eyeliner.


General Acorn Tutorials


Applying Texture

How to apply texture to your image using blending modes.

Cropping a Photo for Printing

How to crop a photo to prepare it for printing.

Filter Examples

Single filters applied to an image of the Space Needle and a plain rectangle.

Fade Out Your Image

Fade out your image using layer masks, gradients, and selections.

Remove a Background

Learn a few different ways to get rid of that pesky background.

Adding Images

How to insert and resize images.

Quick Mask

Introduction to Quick Mask mode (see also the companion video).

Custom Brushes

Create your own shape brush.


Automating Watermarking

Use Automator to add a custom watermark to multiple images.

Drop Shadow Variations

Ways to create a custom drop shadow.

Layer Mask Examples

Different ways to use layer masks.

Making Seamless Tiles

How to make a tile that can be repeated seamlessly.

Shapes in Layer Masks

Do you want to use a shape layer as a mask?  Here's how.

Watermarking a Single Image 

How to watermark an image.

Photo and Design Tutorials


Add a Border

How to give your image a simple border.

Color Highlight Tutorial

Turn an image to black and white then bring back areas of color.

Coloring a Sketch

Color in a sketch just like the kids do!

Making Your Own Texture

 Make brushed metal and leather textures.



Animate an Image

Use Acorn and Keynote to animate an image, our most ridiculous tutorial yet!

Aurora Borealis

How to create a starry night with an aurora borealis effect.  

Bokeh Effect

Create a Bokeh effect that you can use as your desktop picture.

Create a Box

Make a custom gift box that you can print out and fold.

Create a Sphere

Create a sphere using the shape tool, gradients, and filters.

Creating Creases

How to create the appearance of creases in your image.

Create Invitations

How to create your own invitation.

Custom Clouds

Create your very own unique custom clouds.

Depth of Field

Create depth of field to focus on a subject.

Digital Postcard

How to create your own digital postcards.

Frame Your Image

How to create a digital frame.

Give Yourself a Tattoo

How to freak out your parents.  

Holiday Card

Make your own greeting card!

Image to Illustration

Turning a photograph into an outline illustration.

Jagged Image Edge

Give your image edges a rough irregular look.

Light Designs

Creating neato light effects.

Lifted Image Edges

How to create the effect of lifted image edges.  

Mounting Corners

Add mounting corners to your image.


How to combine image to create a panorama.

Photo Booth Layout

Create the layout of a photo booth strip.

Photo Collage

Give multiple photos a border and drop shadow to create a digital collage.

Photo Cutout

Use this technique to create depth in an image.

Photo Inside a Photo

Take a photo and embed another photo inside of it with a nice border.

Photo Manipulation

Making bizarre images in Acorn.


How to create digital scrapbook pages.

Vignette Effect

Add interest to your image with this soft effect.  

Vintage Photo Effect

How to give your photographs an older look.


Aging a Face

Use layer masks to add wrinkles and texture to a face.  

City Skyline Outline

Outline a city skyline using the bézier shape tool to use in artwork and designs. 

Create a Book

How to create the appearance of a 3 dimensional book.

Lightning and Electricity

Customize and create lightning or electricity.

Make a Puzzle

Give your image the appearance of a puzzle

Making a Custom Web Button

How to make a custom web button using gradients, shapes, and text.

Pop Art Effect

How to create the look of pop art with your image.

Text & Shape Tutorials


Drop Shadows

How to apply a drop shadow to text and shapes.

Gradient Text

Learn how to apply a gradient to your text.


Create a Cogwheel

Easily make a cogwheel or gear using the star shape tool and Boolean operations.

Creating Pressed Text

How to create the look of pressed text.

Cutout Type

How to create type that looks cut out from the background.

Filling Text

How to fill text with an image or pattern using 'paste into' and 'fill'.

Giving Text Shadows and Reflection

Give text a shadow and reflection to create depth.

Gold Text

Creating text that looks like gold.

Leaves on Text

Making it appear as if leaves are covering text.

Outer and Inner Glow

How to give your text a glow effect.

Placing a Photo Into Text

How to make it appear as if a photo is inside text using selections and rasterization.

Retro Star

How to use shapes, gradients, and filters to create a shooting star.

Rock Text

Learn how to chisel your text from rock.

Text to Bezier Shape

Modify your text in neat ways by converting it to a Bezier shape.

Vector Clouds

Create vector clouds easily by using shape operations.

Vector Flowers

Learn how to use the star shape tool to make easy and beautiful flowers.

Weathered Text

Create the appearance of weathered or scratched text.  

Wood Text

Making text that appears to be cut from wood. 



Batman Logo

Create the batman logo from scratch using shape operations.

Cartoon Character

Learn how to use vector shapes to make a fun cartoon character.

Comic Text

Create the look of action text seen in comics.  

Vector Pig

How to make a cute pig and landscape using vector shapes and gradients.