Acorn Acorn 7

Weathered Text

weathered final.acorn

This tutorial will outline how you can create the appearance of weathered or distressed text.  Open an image in Acorn that contains a lot of vertical and horizontal lines, File ▸ Open.  The image used here can be found at

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 3.55.57 PM.png

Go to Filter Color Adjustment ▸ Color Controls.  Click on the '+' at the top of the inspector and choose Color Adjustment ▸ Levels.  Set the saturation to ‘0’, crank up the contrast, and adjust the levels so the image is mainly white with little chunks of black.  

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 3.58.41 PM.png

Select the magic wand tool.  Make sure ‘contiguous wand’ is unchecked in the inspector palette.  Click and drag on a white area of the image to select it.  Choose Edit ▸ Copy.  

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 3.59.49 PM.png

Now create a new image for your text, File ▸ New.  The image used here is 1200 x 1200 pixels with a white background.  Type out your text.   

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 4.01.57 PM.png

Add a layer mask to your text layer, Layer ▸ Add Layer Mask.  Click on the text thumbnail in the layers list to select it.  You will see a black line on the lower portion of the thumbnail to let you know it is selected.  

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 9.12.51 PM.acorn

Then choose Edit ▸ Paste.  

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 4.03.29 PM.png

If you need to make the weathering effect larger, go to Layer ▸ Rotate and Transform ▸ Scale and Rotate.  

Then, go to Select ▸ Make Selection from Layer.  Choose Edit ▸ Copy.  Now hide the visibility of the layer.  

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 4.05.20 PM.png

Click on the layer mask thumbnail and choose Edit ▸ Paste.  Then hit the delete key, and deselect (keyboard shortcut ⌘D).

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 4.06.51 PM.png

Use the move tool if you’d like to change the location of the effect in the layer mask.  You can also use the eraser tool to erase areas of the effect that you don’t want.  

  Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 4.07.57 PM.png

Since layer masks are nondestructive, you can continue to edit your text!

weathered final1.acorn