Acorn Acorn 6

Acorn 6

So awesome, it’s nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Such as, where do I find an older version of Acorn?

Creating, Opening, and Saving Images

How to create, open, and save images in Acorn, as well as the file types Acorn supports.  

Acorn's Workspace

Acorn's canvas, tools palette, and inspector palette are explained in detail. 

Resizing and Rotating Your Image and Canvas

Acorn offers you a few ways to resize and rotate your image and canvas.

Layers Basics 

Layers are the foundation of Acorn.  This is a must read to discover the basics of how layers work.

Resizing and Rotating a Layer

Get started on manipulating your layers.

Adding Images & Resizing Layers 

This tutorial will guide you on how to add multiple images to your canvas.


How to add text and adjust fonts for an image.


How to use Acorn's powerful selection tools, including the magic wand and quick mask.


Navigating Acorn's filter window and Quartz Compositions.

Shape Tools

Learn how to create and modify vector based shapes in your images.

DPI, PPI, and Printing

Printing can be complicated.  Hopefully some of your questions can be answered here.


How to use Acorn by example.

Other Helpful Things

Are we missing anything?  Send your requests and ideas to