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July 9, 2015

Apple is pushing out a public beta of OS X El Cap (10.11) today for folks. There's always bugs in beta software (otherwise it'd be a final release, right?), so expect to see them if you play with these new bits.

How does Acorn run on 10.11? Pretty good! We've found some issues though, and we've got them fixed in the latest builds (which will be 4.5.6 eventually). So if you're playing with 10.11, please grab that version of Acorn.

And of course- if you find any issues we don't know about, let us know!

June 15, 2015

We've just pushed up Acorn 4.5.5 for direct customers, and the App Store version will be on its way in a couple of weeks (hopefully sooner though - maybe it'll fly through the Apple app review process?).

This release is mostly bug fixes, but it also includes a sharing extension which will work on 10.10 Yosemite. This extension works great with the Photos app, which doesn't have the ability to work with other applications via an "Edit In…" (which its older siblings iPhoto and Aperture had). The sharing solution isn't perfect, but it's the best solution for the time being.

You might have also noticed things have been very quiet around here lately. We've been heads down, working hard on some great new stuff for Acorn. And we hope to show it off sometime in the near future.

January 30, 2015

We've just pushed out Acorn 4.5.4 for direct customers (ie, customers who purchased Acorn from our online store). We submitted Acorn 4.5.4 to the App Store yesterday, but because of the usual delays at Apple, it'll probably take a week or more for it to show up there.

So hang tight, it's coming.

This release includes a handful of bug fixes, so make sure to update when you get a chance.

The release notes are available as always.

January 26, 2015

Jason Snell on Six Colors: Resize and upload images with Acorn and Transmit

"The script loops through every file selected in the Finder, opens them in Acorn, resizes them to the two sizes (or their equivalent sizes if they’re vertical rather than horizontal images) and saves out JPEG files, then uploads them via Transmit. It’s quick and dirty—if anything in the file’s name or path contains a period (other than the filename itself), it won’t work."

January 24, 2015

Things have been relatively quiet lately over here at Flying Meat, but that doesn't mean we haven't been doing anything. Quite the opposite actually.

For the past couple of months, I've been diving head down into project oak, which is the cleanup of all the little bugs that have built up in Acorn over the years (for those keeping track, I'm 70.4% of the way there). These aren't data loss or crasher bugs, but little things that haven't been super important and I've been putting off to work on more important things. Bugs like "Zoom in shortcut doesn't work with Dvorak - Qwerty ⌘ keyboard layouts", and minor Quick Look things that could be better. Chances are, you probably aren't even aware of what the list contains. Minor things. But they build up and eventually have to be knocked down.

However, some of these bugs are requiring complete rewrites of parts of Acorn, so most of the project oak work has been happening on a non-public branch, and won't see a public release for quite some time. Major rewrites means major time baking.

However, a few of the fixes have been showing up in the 4.5.x series when it makes sense, so that's been good.

I've also been fortunate to get a couple of great bug reports over the past couple of months which helped me track down the few remaining mystery crashers in Acorn. These are crashers that I've seen reports of, but been completely unable to reproduce. Well, thanks to the wonderful individuals who wrote in with reproducible steps, I've gotten these fixed and ready to ship in Acorn 4.5.4. This means that the Acorn 4.5.4 beta is the least crashy version of Acorn ever. At this point, I'm not aware of any known crashers for Acorn.

But if you know of one, please let us know.

Software is our craft, and we take pride in it. Fixing minor bugs isn't super sexy, but it helps us sleep at night.