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Pro vs. Regular vs. App Store

What Are Differences Between Pro, Regular, and App Store Versions of Retrobatch?

Most nodes are available in the Regular version of Retrobatch. However, for advanced users, we've added a handful of very specific nodes as well as some interesting features which we put into the "Pro" version of Retrobatch. They are listed in the tables below, including the nodes that are not available when Retrobatch is purchased via the App Store.

JavaScript expressions are only available in Retrobatch Pro. Various nodes which allow you to set the size or length of a value (such as the Crop, Border, Gradient, Adjust Margin nodes) have an option of running a little snippet of JavaScript code to figure out the value. This is a super powerful feature, which you can read about in our JavaScript Expressions documentation.

JavaScript Plug-Ins are only available in Retrobatch Pro. You can write and distribute custom nodes in JavaScript using a Plug-In API. This feature is currently in beta, and we're hoping to finalize it in a future release. But it's already incredibly useful today. If you have questions or ideas, head on over to the forums to ask about them.

Below is a list of the available nodes for each version.

1BitAcorn Image MakerAdd BorderAdjust Margins
Animated ImageAuto EnhanceBox BlurClipboard
Color ControlsColor InvertColor PosterizeCrop
Delete MetadataDitherDocument EnhancerDownload URL
Drop ShadowDuplicateExposure AdjustFalse Color
Finder Icon WriterFix EXIF RotationFlipGamma Adjust
Gaussian BlurGet Selected Finder ImagesGPS LocationGrayscale
Image GridImage WatermarkIndexed PNGInstant Alpha
Linear GradientMake SquareMatteNoise Reduction
OpacityOval MatteOverlayPhoto Chrome
Photo FadePhoto InstantPhoto MonoPhoto Noir
Photo ProcessPhoto TonalPhoto TransferPhotos Export
Photos LibraryPixelatePrompt for FilesQR Code
Quit RetrobatchRadial GradientRAW ProcessRead Folder
Read Individual FilesRemove GPSReplace ColorRotate
Round CornersScaleScreenshots & WindowsSepia Tone
Set DPISet General MetadataSharpen LuminanceSingle Transparent Pixel
Super ResolutionText WatermarkTrim To EdgesTruncate JPEG Data
Unsharp MaskVibranceVignetteWorkflow Notes
Write Back PhotosWrite ImagesX-Ray

Retrobatch Pro only nodes

Alpha MultiplyAppleScriptAuto Level (Straighten)Change Bits Per Channel
Change Color ProfileClassify ImagesClipboard WatcherContrast Stretch
Crop to FaceCustom ConvolutionDelayExtract Depth Image
Extract Disparity ImageExtract MetadataExtract Portrait MatteExtract Text
Film GrainImage DiffImage EqualizationJavaScript
Layer & Page SplitterLimitMask To AlphaMulti Scale
Open In AppPDF Image ExtractorPDF MakerPDF Quartz Filter
Periodic RunPhotos ImportPremultiplyPSD Maker
Remove Specific MetadataRulesSet Finder TagsSet Specific Metadata
Shell ScriptStyle TransferUnpremultiplyWrite Symlink

The following features and nodes are unavailable on the App Store version of Retrobatch Pro:

The App Store version of Retrobatch Pro does not support Droplets. Instead, you can use the Shortcuts app to reference a workflow and use the Finder integration with Shortcuts to make something equivalent to a droplet.

The following nodes use certain features of the Mac which Apple does not allow developers to use when distributing their app via the App Store.

AppleScriptGet Selected Finder ImagesShell Script