VoodooPad is packed with wonderful features.

Export Options
No lock in! That's one of our favorite sayings. VoodooPad has 7 (SEVEN!) different ways for you to export or save your data.

  • Export to your iPod Notes folder for a wiki on the go. (3rd generation iPods only).
  • Export to your iPod Contacts folder (1st and 2nd generation iPods)
  • Save as Microsoft Word™ documents with Mac OS X 10.3.
  • Export RTFD (Rich Text Format) files.
  • Export as HTML, so you can view your wiki in a web browser, or ftp it to a website.
  • XML Export. You can even import it back in (great for merging documents!).
  • And finally, as good old plain text files.
(Not all export options are available in VoodooPad Lite)

What was the name of that page again.. Voodoo.. something?
Bring up the "Open Page.." sheet by typing Command-Shift-O or selecting it under the Edit menu, and bring forth autocomplete goodness. Just type in the beginning of any page and VoodooPad will find it for you.

Mac OS X 10.3 even brings in autocomplete features in the page! Type the beginnings of a linked item, and hit Command-K to bring up an autocomplete selection based off what you typed. (Selection autocomplete not available in VoodooPad Lite)

UNIX Scripting Geeks Wanted
echo "Hello from VoodooPad!"
Whether it's Python, Perl, Ruby or any other of your favorite Unix scripting languages- VoodooPad can run it and display the results. Just type in a script and hit Command-R and it will run just like you were at a terminal. VoodooPad works great as a script library.

What's New?
VoodooPad has a "Recently Updated" window that will tell show you what pages have been recently changed. Click on an item in the window to bring up it's corresponding page. (Not available in VoodooPad Lite)

Edit And View Online Wikis
VoodooPad can display, edit, and save the pages of any online wiki that supports the vpwiki api. This means that you and your work group, friends, or family can connect to this type of server through VoodooPad, and collaborate together from anywhere in the world. (Not available in VoodooPad Lite)


iPod Note Navigation
If you are the lucky owner of at least a 3rd generation iPod, then we've got some great news for you- You can export your VoodooPad document to your "iPod Notes" folder, and you can read and navigate your document just like you were running VoodooPad on your iPod. The same linked words show up for you to click on, and you can go from page to page just like you were using VoodooPad, only with an iPod scroll wheel instead of a mouse!

AppleScript Support
VoodooPad has AppleScript support for the basic document commands, as well as exporting your pages as RTFD, HTML or text.
(Not available in VoodooPad Lite)

Drag and Drop
VoodooPad does some cool tricks with drag and drop. Drag and drop images into VoodooPad, it'l ask you wether to embed them into the page, or link to it. Even drag and drop URL's and images straight from Safari or any other browser!

Drop files, folders, and applications from the Finder- they will be linked up just like a VoodooPad page.

Mac OS X Goodness
VoodooPad takes advantage of cool Mac OS X features like sheets, Inkwell, Services, Toolbars, and OS X's Unix underpinnings.

The Clippings Folder
VoodooPad will create a folder in ~/Library/Application Support/VoodooPad/Clippings/ where you can place frequently used plain text files to insert into VoodooPad. It'll show up as a menu item under the Edit->Insert menu where you can choose to insert the text. And as a bonus, if the text file is executable then VoodooPad will try and run it as a Unix script, and insert the resulting output into the current page.


VoodooPad supports Unicode, for all your multi-lingual needs.

Uber Rich Text
VoodooPad takes advantage of Mac OS X's built in text system, so you get access to all kinds of text services like spell checking, and formatting options like multiple fonts and font sizes per page, kerning, rulers, and even text shadowing and strike-through support in Mac OS X 10.3 and up.