The Flying Meat Newsletter
April 2014

This is Gus and Kirstin Mueller of Flying Meat Software writing to let you know we're having a crazy sale on our amazing image and photo editor, Acorn. This something we very very rarely ever do.

The Table of Contents:
1. An 11th and a half Anniversary Sale?
2. What's New and Amazing in Recent Acorn Updates
3. VoodooPad Has a New Home
4. Flying Meat Has a New Home
5. The End

1. An 11th and a Half Anniversary Sale?
TL;DR - Acorn is priced at $14.99 for a limited amount of time. Purchase it now if you haven't already.

About a year and a half ago Gus came up with the idea to have a 10th Anniversary sale to celebrate Flying Meat's continued existence. But then he got busy (as a solo developer often finds himself) and completely forgot about it. He should have written it down and stuck it to his monitor.

Eventually the thought came back, and we figured better late then never. Right?

So here it is! Acorn is on sale at this very moment for $14.99, down from its normal price of $49.99. Acorn has never been offered at such a discount, and that's counting upgrade prices as well. So if you've been holding out on upgrading, now is the time to do it! And if you already own Acorn 4 - why not forward this email on to a friend?

Download Acorn 4:
Buy Acorn 4 directly from us:
Buy Acorn 4 from the App Store:

2. What's New and Amazing in Recent Acorn Updates
Acorn 4 was a huge step forward in both features and speed for the little nut. Non-destructive filters, refurbished UI, vector improvements, curves, and more. But we didn't stop there.

Acorn 4.1 (released in August 2013) added CMYK export, new image flipping commands, new filters, Spotlight support, the Shape Quick Config popover, PDF vector export, and more.

Acorn 4.2 (released in Dec 2013) added speed speed speed by drawing through OpenGL, support for editing and saving 16 bit images, a new "Radial Gradient Blur" (which is awesome btw), RAW import improvements, new Share options to post your image to Flickr, Facebook, and a number of other services, a revamped pencil tool, and more.

Acorn 4.3 (released in Feb 2014) added more RAW import improvements including a live histogram, crop presets with an option to resize the image after cropping, curves improvements, and a ton of little bug fixes.

And we're still going. Acorn 4.4 is currently in development and includes some changes that will make people who take advantage of multiple layers very happy.

You can read about every bug fix and feature addition in Acorn from our release notes:

# Project Oak
We've made a public commitment to fix to the best of our ability every known Acorn bug, no matter how small. We’re calling this "Project Oak", and while it's more of a process than a project - it's bearing fruit. Acorn has never been more bug free and stable than it is right now.

So if you know of a bug that we haven't fixed yet- please let us know! We're always listening, just email us at .

3. VoodooPad Has a New Home
It was a tough decision, but we sold VoodooPad to our friends at Plausible Labs last year. You can read all about it from Flying Meat's perspective here:
And then you can read Plausible Labs post on the acquisition:

4. Flying Meat Has a New Home
The Flying Meat family has moved! For nine years we've called Everett, WA our home, but just recently we've moved a few miles west to the wonderful little town of Mukilteo, WA. This was a big move for us with lots of changes, but most importantly we've still got a fast connection to the internet.

We mention this because we know this letter goes out to a number of folks in Mukilteo as well as Everett. And we just wanted this little chance to say "Hello" and "Adios - but our office is still downtown Everett!".

5. The End
Thanks for reading this far, and thank you for supporting us and the work we love to do.

- Gus, Kirstin, and our almost 2 & 1/2 year old who can't quite say "Acorn" yet Madeline Mueller