All About Flying Meat

About Flying Meat

Flying Meat Inc. is a privately held independent software company just North of Seattle, Washington; founded in 2003 by Gus Mueller with a single idea — to make a better Mac application. That idea was first realized with the award winning desktop wiki named VoodooPad, and later on with Acorn, FlySketch and FlyGesture.

So what's up with the name, and the deer?

The name "Flying Meat" comes from a fun rock climb in Missouri (5.10 limestone / sport / vertical face, for the interested climbers). The climb is named after an unfortunate deer that jumped off the top, witnessed by the fellow who first found the climb as he was going up it. And thus it was named.

Folks at FM

Gus Mueller, employee #000, also known as "El Presidente". Gus toils his days away programming for Flying Meat near downtown Mukilteo, WA. When he's not typing away on his latest project, you can find him at the climbing gym or playing one of his guitars.

Kirstin Mueller, employee #001, aka Support and "The Corporate Brains". Kirstin took the job after her husband Gus went two months without writing himself a paycheck. Since the dogs needed feeding every once in a while, she thought it was best that someone step in and take care of the financials. Kirstin spends some of her days as Dr. Kirstin, DPT and helping people at a local hospital.

Madeline Mueller, our little kiddo. Honestly she doesn't do much for the business other than modeling the FM t-shirts. She is taking after her parents on the rock climbing front – so maybe she'll take over the family business some day.