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December 15, 2016

Flying Meat has just released Acorn 5.6, which is a free update to anyone who already owns Acorn 5.

What's new and awesome? The big new feature is Touch Bar support for the MacBook Pro. You can now resize your brushes, flip around your canvas, apply boolean operations and align your selected shapes, and much much more. The Touch Bar gives you intuitive control when editing your images, all with a couple of easy taps on your new MacBook Pro.

If you don't have a new MacBook Pro you're going to like this update anyway because it includes one of our top feature requests: A Photos Extension to edit your images in Acorn. Now with a couple of clicks you can open up your image from Photos, edit in Acorn, then save your image back to Photos. It really is that simple.

The full release notes are also available.