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Updated June 26, 2017 10:14:17 AM

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Acorn 5.6.6 2017.
  • Fixed an issue with the hex color picker.
Acorn 5.6.5 June 15, 2017.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicated documents wouldn't get the correct bit depth set.
  • Fixed a bug where selected text could show up in web export.
  • Fixed a crasher when importing a RAW image in full screen mode.
  • Fixed a bug where RAW images sent to Acorn via Photo's "Edit in Acorn" were not being saved back correctly. Note: if you are on the App Store version of Acorn, you will not get the RAW import window because of Sandboxing restrictions.
  • Fixed a bug where an image would snap to the grid even though it was specifically turned off for that image.
  • Fixed a bug where the TGA format wasn't always availabe for export.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't clear the selection while a group layer was active.
  • Fixed a bug where the Alpha Multiply filter wasn't being saved in the presets correctly.
  • Fixed a crasher when using the Dither filter in combination with a gradient filter.
Acorn 5.6.4 March 14 (π), 2017.
Another little release where we clean up things that macOS 10.12 gifted us.

  • Fixed a(nother) problem where areas of the image would go black when running on macOS 10.12 Sierra.
  • Fixed a problem where nudging a single selected pixel could fail on 10.12.
  • Fixed a problem where deleting a magic wand selection would sometimes fail on 10.12.
  • Fixed a problem where certain NEF files might cause Acorn's RAW importer window to misbehave on 10.12.
  • A little fix for Python plugins, for the handful of you still using those.
Acorn 5.6.3 Feb 10, 2017.
  • Fixed a problem where areas of the image would go black when running on MacOS 10.12 Sierra.
  • Fixed an issue where the gradient blend mode button would become inactive.
Acorn 5.6.2 Jan 24, 2017.
New Stuff
  • Added a new AppleScript command to documents and groups, which will add an image from a file, and you can give it a specified index:
    tell document 1 to add image from ("/path/to/file.jpeg") at index 0
  • Fixed a problem where Acorn's Photos Extension wasn't showing up for some folks.
  • Fixed a bug where Acorn would sometimes bring Photos to the front when closing a new unsaved image.
Acorn 5.6.1 Jan 17, 2017.
  • Fixed a bug where the brush "Painting 9" wasn't working correctly.
  • Fixed an annoying bug where sometimes you'd try and click on a shape that's on another layer but instead you'd end up selecting a shape on your current layer which was technically under the one you were trying to click so that kind of makes sense, but it's not what you were trying to do. We fixed that.
  • Fixed a bug where the Clear Recent menu item wouldn't clear the Touch Bar of recent images.
Acorn 5.6 Dec 14, 2016.
New MacBook Pro Touch Bar Things
  • Brush tools on bitmap layers: Change the size, opacity, and softness of your brushes.
  • When no images are open, Acorn will a New button and show a list of recently opened images in Touch Bar, which you can tap to open.
  • General canvas: Fill & stroke color widgets, share widgets, canvas rotate / flip.
  • Crop: Rotate left & right, Crop button.
  • Scale and Transform: Rotate left & right, Apply button.
  • Free Transform: Flip your layer vertically or horizontally.
  • Shape Layers: If you have two or more shapes selected, you'll get a boolean operation popover, which lets you then use the union/difference/exclude/intersect operations.
  • Shape Layers: If you have two or more shapes selected, you'll also get alignment options for those shapes.
  • Shape Layers: Turn fill and stroke on and off for selected shapes.
  • Shape Layer Stars: You can adjust the number of points selected stars have using Touch Bar.
Edit in Acorn from Photos
  • We've added a new Photos extension, which will let you edit your photo in Acorn (available for macOS 10.11 and 10.12+).
  • Acorn supports tabs if you are on 10.12 or later. Drag and drop between the layers list and other tabs, it's pretty awesome.
  • Fixed a problem where histograms were calculating incorrect data for transparent areas.
  • Fixed a bug where the Text Splitter Processor wasn't working correctly for Circle Text.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to copy when no layer was currently selected would lead to an error.
  • Fixed a bug where Acorn couldn't open up some older files where text boxes were set with interesting colors.
  • Fixed a bug where Acorn could become unstable when bringing up the canvas contextual menu item from a SVG file.
  • Fixed a problem where opening up iPhone 7 RAW images on macOS Sierra wouldn't show a correct preview in the RAW Import window.
  • Added a check for the 3rd party filter "SobelEdgeDetectorUnit.plugin", which was crashing Acorn in macOS Sierra.
  • Fixed a problem where the cursor for the clone tool with the tool tip enabled would draw in the wrong location on retina displays.
  • Acorn no longer requires the discrete graphics card to be in use for MacBook Pros.
  • The text palette now has an added level of precision for the baseline, kerning, line height, and paragraph spacing fields.
  • New hidden pref to turn on auto-scrolling for various canvas operations: defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn5 autoAutoScroll 1
Acorn 5.5.2 Sept 16th, 2016.
  • Fixed a problem where instant alpha sometimes didn't work on layers with lots of transparency.
  • Fixed a random crasher on 10.12 when using undo/redo on bitmap layers.
  • Using the flood fill tool on an empty bitmap layer is now super fast.
  • The new Dither filter was accidentally showing up in 10.10, when it should have been 10.11 and later.
  • Accidentally improved performance when using undo or redo.
Acorn 5.5.1 August 6th, 2016.
  • Fixed a problem where you couldn't duplicate a layer with the Spacing option "Arrange Shapes in a Circle" set to it's initial value of 0.
  • Fixed a problem where the sRGB profile for PNG images were being removed on web export when you had the "Embed profile" option turned on.
  • Improved performance when drawing fast lines in Acorn with a tablet. We did this by turning on coalescing on by default. If for some reason you'd like the previous behavior, you can turn it off by pasting the following in Terminal:
    defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn5 coalesceBrush 0
Acorn 5.5 August 2nd, 2016.
New Things
  • New color picker! Hold down the option key (while in the canvas) when using the brush, pencil, gradient, or fill tools, and you'll get a fancy new loupe to select a color from anywhere on the screen (just click to pick your color). You can also scroll in and out with your scroll wheel (with shift+option down) to change how far in the loupe zooms. And finally if you'd like to get finer control when choosing your color, click and drag the mouse and let up when you've chosen your color. (You can also use the arrow keys to move it by single pixel increments). This is amazing. And if your hands are on the keyboard instead of mouse, you can use the keyboard shortcut Control-C to pick a color out.
  • Two new dithering filters under Color Adjustment: "1Bit" which will turn your layer in a (seemingly) one bit, black and white image. As well as "Dither", which is a filter which lets you choose from four different types of dithers: Atkinson (old school Mac OS), Floyd Steinberg, Gaussian Blue, and Ordered Reproducible. (The Dither filter is only available for 10.11 and later).
  • Color profile, bit depth, and DPI of an image are now listed in the Metadata window.
  • New "Spacing" option in the "Arrange Shapes in a Circle" shape processor. A setting of 0 will mean shapes are auto-spaced around the circle evenly. Any other value between 1-360 is the distance (as an angle) between shapes. This means that shapes can either not make it all the way around the circle, or even go around multiple times. Bonus- combine this with the Translate shape process to make shapes do a loop across your canvas.
  • Layer alignment options: Select multiple layers, and use the various options under Layer ▸ Rotate and Transform ▸ Align to have edges line up or center in canvas, or so on. Hold down the option key for more menu items.
  • The Layer ▸ Rotate and Transform ▸ Rotate 90° layer menu items now work on a selection.
  • Tightened up some colorspace issues when using the system color loupe from the color panel.
  • The return of no working pixel processing profile (WPPP for short?) as default. As part of the color profile overhaul, Acorn 5.4 changed the default WPPP to Linear Light and in while this is awesome for doing things with brushes and most other alpha blending scenarios, it probably wasn't the right choice for general webby use and setting colors in general. It also didn't match what most other image editors did as well. So in Acorn 5.5, we're changing it back.
  • Rolled back the bits from 5.4 where shape layers would draw in a linear RGB colorspace if your document was set to run pixels through a linear colorspace as well.
  • Removed the View ▸ Select Color menu item, in favor of the Edit ▸ Pick Color menu item. Why didn't anyone notice that we had two different menu items for the same thing till now?
  • New code for matching your image's color space to the display color space. It's fancy.
  • Changed the minimum radius of the "Arrange Shapes in a Circle" processor to 0. You can now use this processor to stack all your shapes into a single pile.
  • The "Monitor Resolution" preset now does the right thing for retina displays.
  • QOL improvements for the gradient palette: Single click to select and change the color of a color stop. Better drawing and handling of the gradient palette color handles. In addition, if a color handle has the focus of the color palette, it will now draw a little highlight on top of the handle letting you know this.
  • It is no longer to move layers into or out of locked group layers via the layers list.
  • Pressing the fx button in the tool palette will now toggle showing the filter sheet if there aren't already filters on the current layer.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed some snapping issues when moving selected pixels around the canvas.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the bounds of a rotated box (or text area) would put it in a funky location.
  • Tightened up the trim bounds for shape layers.
  • Fixed an issue where filter descriptions weren't showing up in the filter browser.
  • Web export will now remember your last "Embed color profile" setting.
  • Fixed a problem where swapping the front and back colors with the fill tool selected would cause both color wells to get the same color.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'bitmap layers' AppleScript property was returning more than just bitmap layers.
  • Fixed a bug where rasterizing a shape layer with selected shapes could cause incorrect drawing.
  • Fixed a bug where nearest neighbor scaling would clip off an edge of pixels when they were next to a transparent area.
  • Fixed a problem where text would sometimes smear on the canvas when the text box it was in was too small to contain the text.
  • Fixed a bug where filters wouldn't be applied to selections if the filter palette wasn't already open.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't use the pencil toll to put a tiny little stamp at 0,0.
Acorn 5.4.1 May 31th, 2016.
The one about bug fixes.
  • Fixed a crasher when importing certain Photoshop brushes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Triangle Kaleidoscope wasn't working correctly when you scaled your canvas to less than 100%.
  • Fixed an issue where a profile was being embedded on web export even when the setting was flipped off.
  • Various little improvements to edge snapping logic.
  • The little graphic for the shape palette frame tab now correctly shows the origin in the top left corner if you have that pref set.
  • Fixed some redraw problems for shape layers which had various distortion filters applied to them.
  • Fixed a problem where text boxes were getting odd artifacts if it was clipped and the font was sufficiently large.
  • Fixed a problem where changing the font size for a text box with multiple font faces would change all the fonts to whatever the first one was.
  • Fixed a cropping and fill issues when running on OS X 10.10.
  • Fixed a problem where a shadow set on circle text would draw at the wrong time, which gave a funny shadow to the selection box.
Acorn 5.4 May 16th, 2016.
New and Changed Stuff
  • The Random Noise filter now has a Seed parameter which changes up how the random pixels are generated. They can either always come about in the same order, or you can change things up if you'd like. And things are now 100% consistent between file opens.
  • New shortcut to open up the Color Profile menu item (Command-Shift-K).
  • Color Profile: Complete reworking of how Acorn does color management (+ Linear Light RGB is now the default working color profile).
  • Color Profile Improvement: Shape layers will adjust their drawing depending on what your working color profile is set to now.
  • Color Profile Improvement: When pasting to an image with a different color space, Acorn will now match (ie, convert) the pixels to the image being pasted into.
  • New Clamp filter under the Misc section, which is useful if you don't want transparent pixels coming from outside your layer for certain filters (such as the various blurs).
  • Tweaked the Gaussian Blur filter so that by default it now clamps to the edge of your image, instead of bringing in transparent pixels from outside.
  • Scripting: The Distributed Objects interface to Acorn via JSTalk or CocoaScript is deprecated (Ie- var acorn = JSTalk.application("Acorn");). You can instead use the technique described under "Writing plugins for Acorn in JSTalk" in the Scripting documentation for automating Acorn, or use the "do JavaScript" AppleScript command.
  • New scripting API for replacing text in all the text boxes in a document.
    tell application "Acorn"
      tell document 1
        replace text "$foo$" with "This Is The New String"
      end tell
    end tell
    JavaScript & Cocoascript:
    doc.replaceOccurrencesOfString_withString("$foo$", "This Is The New String");
Fixed Stuff
  • Better text selection for ranges with line height set to something smaller than the font size.
  • Fixed a problem where gradients on layer masks with transparency wouldn't blend correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where Acorn would become unresponsive when opening up bad SVG files.
  • Dragging and dropping colors on the shape palette mini color wells now correctly sets the right colors for the selected shapes.
  • Fixed an old old bug with Color Profiles and dealing with various blending issues. If your image has layers with transparency, you might see a slight change in how the blending is performed.
  • Fixed a crasher which could occur if you were rapidly changing the width or height of a PNG when using Web Export.
  • Fixed a bug where the clone and smudge tools weren't working for folks.
  • Fixed a rare and very vexing crasher which would happen sometimes when using a crop preset.
  • Fixed a bug where setting the height of a bezier path wouldn't work correctly in the inspector.
  • Fixed a bug where outlining a bezier shape wouldn't always render the correct line join style.
  • Fixed an issue where your layer could become progressively lighter if the Pixel Processing Profile was set to Generic and your image color profile was set to sRGB.
Acorn 5.3.1 March 7th, 2016.
New and Changed Stuff
  • Increased the grid filter distance parameter from 100px to 500px;
Fixed Stuff
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000 crashes- we found a workaround for buggy graphic drivers which were introduced in 10.11. Things are a tiny bit slower now, but way less crashy.
  • Better job at importing PSD files with unicode layer names.
  • Fixed a bug where duplicating a document wouldn't copy over guides.
  • Fixed a problem where Acorn would kick you out of editing circle text when you changed the radius.
  • Fixed a potential crasher when using the smudge tool on 64 bit images.
  • Fixed a bug where the stroke color for text could be lost.
  • Fixed a problem where selections weren't showing up correctly in 10.11.4.
Acorn 5.3 Feb 16, 2016.
New and Changed Stuff
  • Circle Text Tool. This lets you add text to your layer, arranged in a circle. To switch to it, you click and hold on the text tool icon, and you'll get a sub-menu to select the new tool. If you're unhappy with the spacing between the letters- adjust the kerning in the text palette to make it right!.
  • There's a new menu item under the Shape menu for converting between circle and boxed text.
  • The minimum and maximum values for the kerning, baseline, paragraph spacing, and line height sliders are now based off the font size of the selected text box. This means you'll get saner values for really small or really big font sizes.
  • When editing a text box, pressing the Command-Enter keys will end your editing session.
  • You can now adjust the kerning for a selected text box by using the Command-Option-(Left|Right) arrow keys.
  • You can now drag and drop images from Photos onto Acorn's canvas to add additional layers to an open image.
  • The Layer ▸ Color Controls window is now been moved to the stackable filters. This gets rid of a modal window, allows for changing values later on, and even works on shape and group layers now.
  • The Expand Canvas to Fit Layers command now does a better job at figuring out bounds when you have layer filters involved.
  • Brush Designer: When changing brush sliders, Acorn will now update the brush preview in realtime (60fps) to let you know what's going on in the background instead of waiting for the drawing to occur and then redrawing everything at once.
  • Exposure, Color Controls, and Remove Color Cast filters now have their values move in sane increments when using the up/down arrow keys in their respective text fields.
  • Shapes which have a radius setting (such as the star shape and circle text) can now have that value changed in the Shape Palette inspector while it's selected. You can also change the x and y coordinates of its center from that palette as well.
Fixed Stuff
  • Fixed an issue where cropping an image with layer filters would move them incorrectly.
  • Moving a bitmap selection will now snap to guides and such.
  • Fixed a rare crasher when updating brush settings in the brush designer and then drawing on the canvas again right away.
  • Fixed an issue where shape layers wouldn't update right away when resizing the canvas.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a 16bpc image from a RAW file wasn't working correctly on 10.10
  • Fixed an issue where the Apply Layer Mask command wouldn't work if you had the layer mask active (via the layers list).
  • Fixed an issue with Smart Layer Export where some images would get banding on the right side of the image on 10.11.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't change the kerning for selected text sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue where the polygon selection tool would sometimes leave artifacts on the canvas.
  • Fixed a couple of cases where you could end up with empty selections.
  • Various other minor fixes.
Acorn 5.2.1 December 16, 2015.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting text would sometimes hang Acorn (ugh, what a dumb bug).
  • Acorn 5.2 December 8, 2015.
    New Stuff
    • Deep color image support. Do you have a 5k iMac or recent Mac Pro with a 30 bit display? Then you get to enjoy a new level of color accuracy using Acorn 5.2. Make a 16bpc image, and you'll no longer have crazy gradient banding! Deeper colors, and a wider gamut. What's not to like about that?!
    • New color well in the tools palette. It's a bit more clear which color is for stroke and which one is for fill when dealing with shapes.
    • Acorn can now open up basic SVG files. The File ▸ New Document from Clipboard menu item will now also with with SVG data on the clipboard.
    • If you have multiple fonts selected for a text box, a little note will show up next to the font family popup letting know this.
    • You can now paste your selection when in quickmask mode.
    • Changed the default colors from a white fill and black stroke, to a white stroke and black fill. This makes adding text for the first time much more sane.
    • The previously blank palette (when you click on the move tool) is now populated with various statistics about the open document.
    • If you're on 10.11 or later, Acorn can now export your image as TGA.
    Fixed Stuff
    • It's now easier to select completely vertical or horizontal lines.
    • Fixed a bug where the Crop Automator Action wouldn't work correctly when used as a Finder service.
    • Fixed a bug where Acorn would show hidden layers on SVG export.
    • Fixed a bug where Google's Raleway font couldn't be selected.
    • Fixed a bug where pressing the bold button in the text palette wouldn't always unbold bolded text.
    • Acorn does a better job at remembering the extension you were using for your file when doing a Save As (think jpeg vs. jpg).
    • Fixed a problem where the colorspace for images made from the clipboard was lost when you copied from Sketch.
    • Fixed a problem where you couldn't import Photoshop brushes if you didn't already have Photoshop installed.
    • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes start rotating a shape when you meant to resize it.
    • Fixed some redraw problems with selections when you were zoomed in.
    • It's a bit easier to select text boxes when you're on a shape layer (ie- click throughs don't happen when you click between letters).
    • Various other bug fixes we're too lazy or embarrassed to talk about.
    Acorn 5.1.1 October 14, 2015.
    New Stuff
    • New Automator Actions: Scale and Export to Folder. This makes it super easy to batch process a ton of images, and have them exported to your favorite format.
    Fixed Stuff
    • Fixed a bug where changing the color of a selected range of text would sometimes reset it to whatever the color of the first character of the text box was.
    • Scale and Rotate: Fixed a bug where entering a value such as .85 into the rotation field would round it up to 1.
    • Fixed a bug where typing values into the Levels fields wouldn't properly update the filter settings.
    • Fixed a problem when pasting bitmaps into an image would sometimes make an empty layer.
    • Fixed a bug where the canvas wouldn't scroll when you were zoomed in and making a selection.
    • Workarounds for various OS X 10.11 El Capitan RAW import bugs (other bugs are fixed in the next OS update from Apple).
    • Fixed a regression where the "Add a Crop" button in the Crop palette wasn't adding a crop. You'd think it would know what to do, right? It had just one job. But no. No crops for you. Till now of course.
    • Fixed a regression where Acorn wouldn't open up some Adobe Illustrator files.
    • Fixed a couple of problems where the attributes such as blend mode or opacity for a layer wasn't displayed properly when undoing a layer merge.
    • App Store versions of Acorn should have an easier time when using the "Open Images" Automator action.
    Acorn 5.1 September 29, 2015.
    New Stuff
    • Basic SVG support! You can now export documents and shape layers as simple SVG files. SGA: If there are no shape layers in your image, then the SVG export option will be grayed out. Additionally, this is a pure vector export- any bitmap operations like layer filters or masks are ignored for SVG export.
    • Taptic feedback for snapping guides (requires OS X 10.11 El Capitan or later).
    • New preference to have a little tick when snapping guides. For those of you without a fancy taptic trackpad, this one is for you. Turn it on under the Guides preferences- "Audible snaps".
    • If you've got an Illustrator file that has PDF compatibility turned on for it- Acorn will now open it up like it would a PDF file, allowing you to pick what resolution you'd like to open it as.
    • New option added to the Shape Generator Processor: Random Bézier.
    • The translate shape processor now has a cumulative option. We love seeing what you've done with the shape processors. Keep it up!
    • Brand new "New Image / Layer from Camera" code, which brings it back to the App Store version of Acorn (hat tip to Mr. Guy English for this).
    • If you have a https: URL to an image on the clipboard, the File ▸ New from Clipboard menu item will download and open it.
    Scripting Stuff
    • If you launch Acorn via the terminal with a -coscript argument + the path to a file, Acorn will run the Cocoa Script contained in the file. For example, let's say Acorn is located in your Applications folder. You could open it like this:
      /Applications/ -coscript /path/to/cocoascript.coscript
      It might also be convenient to set an alias to Acorn like so (in bash):
      alias acorn=/Applications/
      Then you could get really silly and do things like this:
      acorn -coscript "doc ='/Library/Desktop Pictures/Elephant.jpg');\
                      var image = doc.currentLayer().CIImage();\
                      var filter = CIFilter.filterWithName('CIGaussianBlur');\
                      filter.setValue_forKey(image, 'inputImage');
                      filter.setValue_forKey(20, 'inputRadius');
      And finally, if you end your arguments with -cosquit, Acorn will quit after running the commands.

      P.S. - Cocoa Script is JSTalk rebranded.
      P.P.S. - Make sure to check out the "do JavaScript" AppleScript command as well, which will also take a path as an argument.
    Fixed Stuff
    • When opening up a .acorn image without any layer data in it, Acorn will attempt to fallback to the composite attribute of the image to make a single layer from.
    • Now with 100% more https.
    • Various selection fixes.
    • Compatibilty fixes with Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan.
    • Fixed a bug where PDF import wouldn't always set the DPI correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where the Snap to Selection pref wasn't carried over to new documents.
    Acorn 5.0.1 September 2nd, 2015.
    Fixed Stuff
    • Fixed a bug where you could delete on a locked layer.
    • Fixed a bug where drawing straight lines on the QuickMask wouldn't always update correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where Acorn would fall into a non-responsive state when sometimes trying to move a text layer while it was editing.
    • Fixed a bug where the shape layer commands "Make Same Width / Height" wasn't working correctly.
    • Tweaked how auto levels is calculated, and fixed some annoying bugs with it.
    • Fixed some bad links to our documentation.
    • Fixed a couple of bugs with the image metadata editor.
    • Fixed a bug were pressing the [ or ] keys when using the pencil tool wouldn't update the cursor to reflect the size change.
    • Fixed a thing where Acorn's share menu wouldn't work with some apps.
    • Fixed a bug where the line tool didn't snap when creating its start point.
    • Fixed a selection problem with text boxes and overlapping shapes.
    • Various UI tweaks.
    Acorn 5 August 20th, 2015.
    Big New Things

    The Shape Processor.
    Acorn has a really great new feature called "Shape Processing". Have you ever wanted to generate a bunch of new shapes, and then arrange them all in a circle and adjust that radius right on the canvas? What about taking all your shapes and re-ordering them from smallest to largest? What if you wanted to take all your shapes and randomly assign each one a new color, and then scatter them around the canvas in a billion different locations? What about pushing all the shapes on your layer out of the way of a giant circle?

    Well, now you can.

    Shape Processors are filters for shape layers, which will move and tweak and generate and adjust shapes for you. And best of all, they are non-destructive and stackable (just like Acorn's filters). So you can add a bunch, tweak, save, close, and come back later if you change your mind.

    Things that go snap.
    This is a lot more snapping going on now. Snap to Grid, guides, shapes in layers, other layers, selections, canvas bounds, etc. It was a complete rewrite, there are now global preferences available for fine tuning how you'd like it to work, and we even made those changeable per document.

    Completely rewritten bitmap selection stuff.
    It's super accurate and works wonders with retina displays.

    Non destructive Levels and Curves.
    Levels and Curves joins all the other non destructive filters- this is pretty awesome. You can use Levels and Curves on shape layers, even combine in the same filters list, tweaking both at the same time, and add a Curves filter multiple times to the same image. I have no idea why you'd do this, but it sounds fun.

    PDF Import.
    When you open up a PDF, you can now choose the resolution, page, and background color of the PDF you are opening.

    Crop tool improvements.
    Pressing 'x' will now swap the aspect ratio of the current crop frame (if you have one that is, otherwise it'll swap the current back and foreground colors).
    Pressing 'h' will toggle hiding the areas outside of your crop frame.
    You can now rotate your image while making a crop.

    Hundreds of minor bug fixes.
    Yes, we are really going to list this in the "big new things" section.
    We fixed hundreds of minor bugs. Bugs that built up over the years that very few people ever encountered, like "the shortcut key for zooming in doesn't work when the keyboard layout is set to Dvorak - Qwerty ⌘". So we fixed pretty much all of those. It took months and months of work, it was super boring and mind numbing and it was really hard to justify, and it made Acorn 5 super late. But we did it anyway, because something in us felt that software quality has been going downhill in general, and we sure as heck weren't going to let that happen to Acorn. So we took a long break from adding features and just fixed stuff.
    And if you reported one of these bugs that was fixed in Acorn 5 and we haven't already sent you a license- let us know and we'll make you one. (See, another good reason to report any bugs you find- free stuff!).

    More shape layer and bezier stuff.
    New menu items - "Shape ▸ Bezier Stuff ▸ Align Anchors to Pixels" and "Align Anchors to Half Pixels" (the latter command shows up when you hold down the option key). This will align all the anchor points in your shape to the pixel grid (or half of it). This helps with making crisp lines for you bezier nuts out there.
    You can now change the inner radius of star shapes. THIS IS AWESOME. It's actually quite flexible, and you can make some really neat star shapes (and did you know- you can change the number of points on your star using the View ▸ Quick Config popover?).
    New option to reset bezier control points under the Shape ▸ Bezier Stuff menu
    If you double click on an open bezier shape, it will signal to the shape that you would like to continue extending it. There's also the option to do this under the Shape ▸ Bezier Stuff menu item.
    You can temporarily toggle the "snap to pixels" setting when moving a bezier anchor by holding down the control key while moving it with the mouse.
    You can now invert the selection on shape layers.
    The Shape Quick Config popover will now work when you don't have any shapes selected (and the settings you change will reflect on the next shape you make).
    The contextual menu for the layers list has a new "Rasterize Shape Layer" menu for use on shape layers.
    You can now close a path when creating it by pressing the enter or return keys. Pressing the escape key will finish editing it as well, but keep it open.
    You can now move multiple selected anchors in a bezier path with the arrow keys or mouse.
    If you have the option "auto select layers" turned off, a single click and drag in a shape layer will now move all the graphics without them needing to be selected first.
    If you have a single text box selected and you press the enter key, Acorn will start editing it.
    Holding the command key over a control point for resizing shapes will allow you to rotate it instead. I'm thinking of killing off the secret rotate handles outside shapes as well. Does anyone care?
    Added Control-C as a way to select a color. This is awesome if you want to pick up on another color, but you're currently editing text and the 'i' key doesn't cut it.
    Changed the modifier to move selected shapes by a half pixel to shift-option (from command-option).
    New shortcuts to toggle the fill / stroke on selected shapes. Shift-F for fill, Shift-B for stroke.

    New blend modes.
    Acorn now has a "Pin Light" blend mode, as well as a "Mask" blend mode. The Mask one is pretty awesome- it works just like a layer mask, white lets pixels through, black erases.

    Support for Photoshop brushes!
    There's approximately 10 billion PS brushes available for download on the internet, and you can drag and drop one onto Acorn to import and make new brushes.

    Speaking of brushes…
    The Brush tool has now been renamed to the Paint tool. Because a bunch of other tools now use brushes, and it hopefully reduces confusion.
    About those other changes I just mentioned. The clone, paint, smudge, dodge, burn, and other tools that had crappy brushes now each have their own unique brush that you can configure via the brush designer. So now you can have scatter for the clone tool. Or adjust flow and softness for the burn tool. Or turn pressure sensitivity on and off for the eraser. Etc.

    Image metadata editing (aka, EXIF and IPTC, sitting in a tree).
    Image metadata is now viewable and editable. Use the File ▸ File Info… menu item to bring up the editor. While not everything is editable, lots of good things are. And this is new- so if there's something you'd like to see here, let us know!

    New options in the Filter Palette having to do with selections:.
    "Blend with canvas selection", which is the old standard behavior when applying filters to the selection. Acorn will apply your filter(s) to the currently selected area in your bitmap, and then draw the results of that filter over your layer.
    "Copy over canvas selection". This option will apply your filters to the current selection, and then replace the pixels in your selected area with the results of the filter. So in this case, if the filter returns transparent pixels, your layer will become transparent in those areas.
    "Ignore canvas selection". This option will ignore the canvas selection, and work copy the result on top of your whole layer.

    Miscellaneous new stuff.

    • When using Web Export, there's a new option to save your image with or without a color profile. It defaults to yes.
    • Pressing 'b' while in crop mode will toggle the "Keep crop bounds inside canvas" option.
    • When using the search field in the filter browser, searches will also look in the description for the filter as well as the name. This way searching for "saturation" will return Color Controls and Vibrance, where before it would return nothing.
    • New filter! "Redraw Layer". Here's how it works- add a blur filter, then add a monotone filter, then add the redraw layer. INSTANT DROP SHADOW THING. It's great if you want to apply some filters and then have your original image draw on top of everything.
    • ANOTHER NEW FILTER! "Offset". This will … offset your image. COMBINE THIS WITH REDRAW LAYER. Add a monotone, add an offset, add the redraw, and tada- you've got instant solid color copy of your image, but in the background. Great for doing simple emboss operations.
    • WHAT'S THIS? YET ANOTHER NEW FILTER?!?! Yes, it's true. There's now "Remove Color Cast" under the Color Adjustments, which will help you remove things like the pesky yellow tint that you'll get from lightbulbs when shooting photos indoors.
    • Holding down the option in the stroke / fill / etc text fields when using the up and down arrows will change the value by .1. (Holding shift will change the value by 10 btw).
    • You can now click the zoom scale field in the bottom window, and change the canvas zoom by typing in a new value. Holding down the command key while clicking it will scale the canvas to 100%
    • Pressing shift-x will swap which color well has the focus for receiving color changes (and did you know pressing x will swap the fill and stroke colors?).
    • If you have one or more anchors selected in a bezier path, the Shape ▸ Bezier Stuff ▸ Align Selected Anchors to Pixel menu item will appear. Hold down option to align to half pixel. This menu item is "Align all Anchors to (Half) Pixels" normally.
    • All of Acorn's documentation and tutorials are now indexed for searching via the Help menu. Try it out, it's pretty awesome.
    • New undo / redo notifications in the canvas. You can turn this on and off in the preferences.
    • 128 Bits Per Component support. Super deep images. Because why not?
    • If you add a single image via the File ▸ Add Images… menu item, and it doesn't fit on the canvas, Acorn will begin a scale and rotate transform for you, with the image automatically scaled to fit into the canvas. If you want to pop out of the scale, pressing the ESC key will end it.
    • Guides will now scale with image when resizing.
    • The Selection palette will now show the x,y coordinates of the current selection now. It'll also hide the labels and such when there is no selection.
    • You can now delete a brush by selecting it from the brush palette list, and holding down the option key.
    • You can now command click on a layer mask's thumbnail to make a selection out of that mask.
    • When opening multipage tiff files, Acorn will now expand the canvas size to the largest page in the tiff file.
    • New filter "Alpha Multiply", which will multiple the alpha values of your pixels by a certain amount, which can be awesome when you want to sharpen up anti-aliased edges of circles and other shapes.
    • You can now commit a bitmap layer mask by holding down the option key and choosing the Layer ▸ Apply Layer Mask menu item.
    • The Clone, Smudge, Dodge, and Burn tools all have opacity options now.
    • If you hold down the shift key when creating a new guide from the ruler, Acorn will now create a vertical ruler where it would have previously created a horizontal ruler (and vice versa).
    • You can now drag and drop gradients from the gradient preview onto a shape or bitmap layer to apply it.
    • Hidden feature: Pressing 'x' when the gradient tool is active will flip the gradient colors.
    • There's a new option in the Canvas Size sheet which allows you to move the canvas guides (or not) when resizing.
    • The Bevel filter now has a Scale option, which can add a bit of finesse to your bevel.

    Changed Stuff
  • We killed the little swap width and height widget in the new document window. Instead, you can use the keyboard shortcut cmd-] or cmd-[ to have them swap (and the menu items Image ▸ Rotate Canvas ▸ 90° Clockwise / Counter-Clockwise also does the same thing).
  • Zooming with a trackpad is a bit more consistent.
  • Removed the quickmask and fullscreen buttons from the tools palette. The full screen became silly on 10.9 w/ every window getting that button too, and the quick mask seems out of place by itself there.
  • Hiding the cursor when you do a two finger scroll. There's a system bug (feature?) where the cursor will constantly flicker otherwise. It's annoying, so we'll be hiding the cursor till a real fix comes from Apple or I find a better workaround.
  • Got rid of the brushes in the Erase category of brushes, since the eraser tool now uses the same system and it was kind of pointless. ALSO- did you know you can convert a brush to an eraser at just by holding down the command and option keys and then drawing with it?
  • When using the system eyedropper to pick up a color on the canvas, it now takes the composite of the layers, instead of the first color on the top layer. If you want to pick up on a specific color (including alpha) from a single layer, use a drawing tool such as the paint tool, and hold down the option key to pick up the color.
  • If you press a keyboard shortcut while editing a field that takes a numerical value (for instance, the brush size field), Acorn will ignore the letter you typed, and instead choose the tool. Is this annoying? Is this odd? I don't know yet, but I'm going to try it for a bit.
  • When switching to the crop tool with the 'c' key, Acorn will no longer automatically put a crop on the canvas for you. However, if you liked the old behavior, you can press the 'c' key twice in less than half a second, and you'll get an auto-crop on the canvas.
  • New fussy pref to change the opacity of the crop tool mask when making a crop.
  • The way brushing works has been rewritten considerably. Colors are much more accurate now.
  • Generate Shapes has been moved to the Shape ▸ Process menu.
  • Very very very slight (super tiny) change to the way star shapes are drawn. It's a bit more accurate now, because Gus learnt a thing or two about maths.
  • The Line tool (shortcut key ';') is now a specialized bezier path. We're thinking of removing it actually…
  • If you have the preference to listen for trackpad rotation gestures turned on, it takes a little bit more effort to pop into rotating your canvas (which is a good thing).
  • The gather palettes command does a much better job at resizing the windows when the display resolution changes to something smaller (or you move your palettes to a shorter window).
  • The gradient swatches now do a better job drawing when you've got the system scrollbar pref set to always show the scroller.
  • Layer styles now respect the canvas origin preferences.
  • Acorn will no longer ask to move itself to the Applications folder if there's a newer version already there.
  • Double clicking a thumbnail in the layers list palette will make a selection out of that layer.
  • The target click area for the fx widget in the layers list is now from top to bottom of the cell, instead of the little 'fx' bit. Sloppy pointer skills rejoice.
  • The Edit ▸ Fill… command is a bit more precise when it comes to opacity percentages.
  • If there's a network error when trying to use the feedback window, Acorn will offer to send the report via your email client.
  • You can no longer insert new layers into locked groups.
  • You can no longer draw or alter a layer that's inside a locked group.
  • When taking a screenshot, each display now gets it own document.
  • The feedback window will now save its contents when you quit, and restore everything when you next launch.
  • When opening up ICNS and WebP images, Acorn will now place them into a new untitled document, instead of referencing the original file. Acorn doesn't save these file types natively, so referencing the original image causes confusion with various parts of Acorn.
  • No longer loading Python plugins. If you really miss them, and would like to bring them back while you transition away from them, paste the following line in
    defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn5 loadPythonPlugins 1
  • No longer loading Quartz Composition filters. If you really miss them, and would like to bring them back while you transition away from them, paste the following line in
    defaults write com.flyingmeat.Acorn5 loadQCCompositions 1
  • Now showing a warning when you try and scale up an image to a very large size in Web Export.
  • Acorn does a better job at generating previews for filters which take textures (like Glass Distortion)
  • Copying a layer to the clipboard will now set the correct opacity if you have the layer's opacity set to something less than 100%.
  • Acorn does a better job at figuring out the bounds of your image when trimming.
  • The kerning slider now goes from -500 to +500.
  • Web Export now remembers the matte color option between uses.
  • Acorn does a better job of matching up the brush cursor size with the canvas when you have the cursor size embiggened in the Accessibility System Preferences.
  • When exporting an image, Acorn no longer warns you if your image is being saved without layers. It's an export, yea- your original file is fine.
  • The tool palettes hide automatically when opening up a RAW image, since they pretty much only get in the way.
  • Pressing 'm' will no longer cycle through the selection tools, and will now only select the rectangle selection tool. However, shift-m will cycle through the selection tools as in previous versions of Acorn.
  • When applying gradients to selected shapes, Acorn will now hide the selection bounds. This is handy because it helps you see exactly what you're going to get.
  • Updated some of the built in brushes, and removed old crusty ones.
  • When drawing on a mask, Acorn now converts the current color to a shade between black and white (otherwise the mask would get splotches of color on it, which doesn't make too much sense for a mask).
  • Guides are now 2 pixels wide, because this makes more sense when you want a shape to line up with it on its center, not its edge (which will change depending on which direction you are aligning something from).
  • Smaller PNG files on web export if there's no alpha channel needed.
  • Acorn does a better job with selection edges and the free transform tool.
  • Changed up the wording for the pixel processing options. None, Generic, and Linear Light are the new options. Killed document. That's fine, nobody but Gus and the Core Image team actually understands what this is.
  • Other Stuff
  • New Scripting interface for bitmap layers:
    var layer = [[[doc baseGroup] layers] objectAtIndex:0];
    layer.drawWithHandler(function() {
        var path = [NSBezierPath bezierPathWithOvalInRect:NSMakeRect(0, 0, 100, 100)];
        [[NSColor blackColor] set];
        [path fill];
        // return the area to commit for undo operations
        return NSMakeRect(0, 0, 100, 100);
  • Acorn 4

    Download: Acorn 4
    Updated March 14, 2017 12:55:59 PM
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