Nodes available in Pro and Regular

Certain advanced nodes are available only in the Pro version of Retrobatch. Beyond that, there are no differences between the Pro version and the regular version. Below is a list of the available nodes for each version.

Add BorderBox BlurClipboardColor Controls
Color InvertCropDelete MetadataDrop Shadow
Exposure AdjustFix EXIF RotationFlipGamma Adjust
Gaussian BlurGrayscaleImage WatermarkImageAlpha
MatteNoise ReductionOpacityPhoto Chrome
Photo FadePhoto InstantPhoto MonoPhoto Noir
Photo ProcessPhoto TonalPhoto TransferPhotos Library
Prompt for FilesRAW ProcessRead FolderRead Individual Files
Remove GPSRotateScaleScreenshots & Windows
Sepia ToneSet DPISet General MetadataSharpen Luminance
Single Transparent PixelText WatermarkTrim To EdgesUnsharp Mask
VibranceWorkflow NotesWrite Images
Retrobatch Pro only nodes
AppleScriptChange Bits Per ChannelChange Color ProfileClassify Images
DelayExtract Depth DataLayer & Page SplitterMake Symlink
Multi ScaleOpen In AppPDF MakerPSD Maker
RulesSet Specific MetadataShell Script