The Flying Meat Newsletter
September 2018
Acorn 6.2 + Mojave Dark Mode,
50% Off Sale, and More

Hello from Acorn 6.2 in Mojave's Dark Mode

We've just released an update to our amazing image editor Acorn, which now supports the new dark mode in macOS Mojave.

Acorn Is on Sale for a Limited Time

To celebrate the launch of macOS Mojave, and just because we really like you guys, we're slashing the price of Acorn by 50%% for a limited time. If you missed our sale last summer, now is a perfect opportunity to pick Acorn up at a discount. This doesn't happen very often, so make sure to jump on it while you can.

Acorn 6 has text on a path, non-destructive filters, vector tools, photo effects, smart layer exports, wide gamut + deep pixel support, and much much more. Still on the fence? We offer a 14 day free trial direct from our website.

Upgrade to Acorn 6 Today

Acorn, Dark Mode, and Mojave Support

With the newly released update to macOS, 10.14 Mojave, Acorn now supports a new dark theme! And it looks pretty awesome IMHO. But of course, not everyone likes dark mode- we get it. So if you opt to not enable it in macOS Mojave then Acorn will still look like it always has (though with some fresh new icons).

But what if you want most of your apps to be the old style, and your media apps like Acorn to be dark? Well, we've got you covered there too. A new preference is available in Acorn 6.2 that allows you to switch between the dark or regular appearances. We think this is a great option for people who like regular old windows but want to have the immersive dark experience when editing their photos.

Retrobatch 1.1 Released

Our batch image processing app,
Retrobatch, also received a great update recently. Version 1.1 added Automator support, JavaScript nodes, Instant Alpha, Dithering, extracting images from PDF files, manual connections between nodes, and more. If you were waiting for any of these features now's the time to grab it. And don't forget that you get a discount if you buy both Acorn and Retrobatch at the same time.

Give Some Love

We love hearing from you all. We've heard a lot lately about how folks are using Retrobatch and how it can be a huge time saver. And we're always listening to what you, our customers, need from us to make your images great in Acorn. So I guess the point of this is: let us know what you're doing! If you'd like to share how you're using Acorn or Retrobatch with us in interesting ways, or even in completely mundane and super boring ways, we want to hear it.

In a very big way, feedback is what keeps us going. And when you tell your friends or family about Acorn, we love to hear about that as well (and we're sending you invisible kisses (purely platonic) each time you do!). We do zero advertising as self-promotion just isn't in our DNA. So if you like Acorn or Retrobatch, make sure to share it with someone or leave a nice review for it somewhere.

And of course, we'll keep the awesome updates and the features you ask for coming.

Bon Voyage

Till next time, and thank you as always.

-Gus, Kirstin, & a brand new 1st grader, Madeline Mueller