Flying Meat

FlySketch Release Notes

Version 1.7.1

  • It's now free!
  • FlySketch now requires 10.6 or later.
  • Fixed a bug where FlySketch couldn't take screenshots on 10.7.
Version 1.6.3
  • Fixed a bug where the arrows on lines would freak out and move to unexpected places.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not reliably set the shortcut keys on intel boxes.
  • Fixed a bug where text would disappear when you started typing in a text area that was too large.
Version 1.6.2
  • Fixed a bug where screen captures would not work on a second display if it was set to thousands of colors.
  • Universal Binary
Version 1.6.1
  • Fixed a bug where the bounds of a freehand or highlight stroke where changed when moving a graphic left or up.
  • Fixed a bug with the text tool.
Version 1.6
  • New full screen shots, which will also take pictures of menus. Invoked via holding down the command key when hitting the camera button, or cmd-shift-5 (which may be changeable in the prefs if you don't like that)
  • Fixed a bug where screenshots were off by one vertical pixel on a second monitor.
  • FlySketch will now put pdf and tiffs on the pasteboard for use in the application services menu.
  • Fixed a bug on export where the file extension of .png was given when no file extension was given in the export panel.
  • Fixed a bug where the stroke size was lost when switching to the highlighter and back.
  • Fixed a bug where a single click with the freehand tool would not draw a single dot.
Version 1.5.2
  • Fix for some registration issues, where some serial #'s were not working
Version 1.5.1
  • Fix a problem taking screen shots when the display prefs were set to "millions" of colors.
  • Updated French localization.
  • You can now use command-K to take a screen capture.
  • Fixed some bugs when moving a lines around and undoing the actions.
Version 1.5
  • PDF Workflow support.
  • New resizable palettes to replace the old drawer.
  • Smooth freehand lines.
  • Resize canvas to super small.
  • New color picker.
  • Shadows on graphics.
  • Compositing modes. (Tiger only)
  • Grid support
  • New startup pref.
  • Lots of new menu widget commands.
  • New "round rectangle" shape
  • New "configure sheet" for new shapes
  • New line end shapes in addition to arrow- circle and diamond.
  • Auto-detect new workflow scripts
  • Lots of other little things to make life better with FlySketch, and of course various bug fixes.
Version 1.0
  • Initial release