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August 17, 2016

For years we've had people ask for Acorn's documentation in PDF form, and as a response to that we created the Acorn 5 Basics PDF which you can download from the main documentation page. It was only ever a subset of the entire documentation however.

Ever since the iPad came out, and with it iBooks, we've been wanting to turn Acorn's online documentation into a downloadable ePub. In theory this is pretty easy to do- all of our online documentation is pushed up as HTML, and that's the native format of ePubs. But ePub readers don't support the full range of HTML that web browsers do, so there were a ton of little things to clean up and organize.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying we have the Acorn 5 documentation available as an ePub for you: Acorn 5.epub. You can download all 1100+ pages of Acorn's documentation and read it in iBooks either on your Macintosh or iOS device.

It's pretty awesome. And since this is a first run of it, we're calling this a beta. We'll clean up things in future releases of the ePub. And if you find any problems in it, please let us know.