Acorn 2.6 has just been released. You can read the full details in the release notes, but here are the highlights:

Acorn can now use Quartz Composer compositions as filters.
This is pretty rad. You might not know it, but you've got a bunch of Quartz Compositions in your /System/Library/Compositions/ folder, which Acorn can now use. In addition to these there are communities on the net which share Quartz Compositions that you can download and use in Acorn.

You can find these new filters under the Filter ▸ Quartz Composition menu item. For some fun filters, check out "Color Planes", "Swing", and "Blue Print".

Updated Fill command.
The Edit ▸ Fill… menu will now bring up a window giving you options on how you want to fill your layer (the shortcut shift-delete will bring it up as well).

Change the opacity, blend mode, or even use an image on the clipboard to tile with.

WebP support
Google recently introduced a new image format for the web named WebP (pronounced "weppy"). Acorn can now open up these images, and save them via the Web Export pane.

Show a pixel grid when zoomed in
A new pixel grid which will show up when you're zoomed in at 500% or more. You can turn this on or off under the Advanced preferences. This is pretty handy when you're zoomed way in and you need to have a clear line shown between the pixels.

New tilt-shift filter
This is a fun one, and you can find it under the Filter ▸ Stylize menu. If you're not already familiar with tilt-shift, read up on it or just look at google images for some images people have made with similar filters.

New documentation
We've updated the documentation with new tutorials and examples, and generally beefing it up a bit. We've also added comments to the pages of the documentation as a bit of an experiment. Not happy with an explanation, or wish there was more? Let us know.

And of course, we've got the usual bug fixes in this release as well. Make sure to try it out if you haven't take a look at Acorn yet!