The Flying Meat Newsletter
September 2016

It has been a full year since Acorn 5 made its debut to the image editing community, and we are celebrating by offering Acorn at a 50% discount until September 23rd, 2016. Already updated to Acorn 5? Great! Share this email with friends and family and spread the word about this superb deal. $14.99 for an amazing image editor? You bet.

You can buy Acorn now via the Flying Meat Store or Mac App Store. Acorn 5.5 requires macOS 10.10 or later and is a free upgrade for current Acorn 5 owners.

We know you're busy, so here's the super quick version of the rest of this newsletter:

Acorn's Latest Features & Improvements
Version 5.4 brought improvements to how Acorn handles color profiles when sending an image to the screen, as well as when converting between profiles. So if you're putting your images up on the web, these things are super important for you. And doubly so if you have a recent iMac with the DP-3 wide gamut display since you have more colors to play with than you did on your last Mac. Even the newly announced iPhone 7 takes wide gamut pictures now! Rest assured, Acorn's color management has you covered.

Acorn 5.5 took the color improvements even further with a new and improved color picker. Acorn's color picker effortlessly picks out colors from anywhere on your screen. In addition, it makes sure that when the colors are sent to Acorn, they are massaged to the right values for the color profile in your image.

MacOS 10.12 Sierra Compatibility
As some of you might be aware, Apple's yearly macOS update is just around the corner. We've got great news - we're putting the final touches on Acorn 5.5.2 and we'll have it out for everyone by September 20th when Sierra goes out to you.

Acorn Documentation ePub
Over 1,100 pages of Acorn documentation is now waiting for you to peruse at your leisure. This is a brand new compilation of our online documentation, so we’re calling it a "beta". Just download the ePub from this link and it will be available in your iBooks app whenever you need it. Read more about our Acorn ePub here.

Did You Know?
Acorn was voted by the Mac App Store as one of the best apps of 2013, & 2015. We take pride in listening to our customers and strive to continually make Acorn better. Do you have suggestions, requests, or questions? Let us know at


Gus, Kirstin, & the not so little Madeline Mueller
The Flying Meat Team