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Nov 6, 2013

The great folks over at Plausible Labs have taken over development of VoodooPad.

Both VoodooPad and Acorn have grown over the years into much more than I can handle as a single developer. And because of this one of my two apps was going to be neglected, and obviously VoodooPad has gotten the short end of the stick lately.

This isn't fair to my customers, it isn't fair to VoodooPad, and it was driving me insane. I use VoodooPad every single day, and I love it to death. I want it to grow, and that wasn't happening so something needed to be done.

Why Plausible Labs?

I first approached my friend Mike Ash a while back about taking over VoodooPad. I've known Mike for about a decade now and he's been using VoodooPad for about that long as well. He's a good guy, a solid coder, and one of the few people I would trust with VoodooPad's future.

So I asked Mike if he was interested, and he said yes but then came back with an even better idea. How about having his company, Plausible Labs, take over VoodooPad?

So you're saying that maybe more than just one awesome person would be working on VoodooPad?

Um, hell yea?

Why this is awesome for VoodooPad users

Development on VoodooPad is going to happen at a quicker pace now. And instead of a single developer focusing attention on VoodooPad, it now has a team.

And it's not just any team- Plausible Labs has serious brains and talent and experience. And most importantly, I trust them to do the right thing with VoodooPad. It's all in their hands now.

Why this is awesome for Flying Meat

I'm sad to let VoodooPad go, but at the same time I'm excited about being able to focus 100% of my energy on Acorn. Having to split my brain up on two major apps has probably been slowing me down- hopefully this won't be the case anymore.

VoodooPad turns 11 in February

When I started VoodooPad I certainly never expected it to grow[1] and to be able to support myself and my wife- yet that's exactly what it did. It was the first real project that I cut my teeth on, and it launched my indie career. I'm forever grateful for the customers who purchased licenses and upgrades and sent in feature requests and bug reports and everything.

So many smart people have been VoodooPad customers over the years as well- it's been amazing. VP has been used for simple things like keeping notes on the super secret development of the first Intel Macintoshes, to building web sites and books, and all the way up to world building for one of the most popular console games of all time.

VoodooPad has a strong history, super loyal fans, and now an incredibly bright future. I'm super excited to see what happens next.

  1. Fun fact: when I first started charging for VoodooPad, I hoped to be able to make enough money to buy an Apple 22" Cinema Display. Remember that beauty?  ↩