VoodooPad 5 Beta

Before downloading and using VoodooPad 5, you must first read and agree to some conditions:

Don't talk or type about VoodooPad 5 publicly (except for Flying Meat folks, and on the VoodooPad mailing list). Features might change or get pulled, and new releases always cause tons of emails to come our way which takes away time from actually doing any development. Thanks for understanding.

Make sure to backup your existing VoodooPad documents and turn on Time Machine. This is absolutely necessary. The file format has changed and, betas can be messy, and I don't want anyone to lose data.

Please report any and all bugs you find; that's the whole point of making a beta release available. If we don't know about the bug, it won't get fixed. Don't assume we know about it, because chances are we don't.

Pricing and scheduling: We don't know yet what VoodooPad 5 will cost, how upgrades will work, and when it will be released. The lack of paid updates in the Mac App Store complicates things, so upgrade paths will most likely be different this time around.

I agree and understand, take me to the beta!