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FS • VoodooPad: Plugin Development
Make sure to check out the new wiki located at This one will eventually be retired.

Plugin Development with VoodooPad

VoodooPad 2.0+ supports a plugin API, using loadable bundles written in Cocoa. Right now the documentation is located in VPPlugin.h, which can be download along with example code from here:

One word of caution- even though I don't plan on changing the API for future releases, it might end up happening anyway since this is the first crack at a plugin api for VoodooPad.

When you build your plugin in XCode, you'll need to link against VPPlugin.framework which is included along with source in the download. Sometimes paths get a little funny in XCode, so if you get errors building a stock plugin you might make sure this framework is reachable.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas- please let me know at