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FS • VoodooPad: Lua Plugin Snippets
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Lua Plugin Snippets

Besides these examples, you'll want to read for information on what is available. It's just an Objective-C header file, but it's what we've got to go on for now :)

List all the page names in the current document to the current page.

» install

Creating a new page named "Lua Rocks"

Printing out the contents of the index page

Lookup the page data for the current page, and change it's contents.

(Note: this is not undoable)

Tell the text view to select all, and then insert the text "Hi".

Display a dialog box.

This example displays a dialog box with a default button that says "Go Away"

Highlight the selected text yellow.

(this will work best as a plugin, since the Run as Lua Script option deselects the currently selected text before running the script)

» install

Change the font for the current page to Monaco 10

Change the font for the current selection.

List all the pages in the document with a meta value named "todo".

(Metas are a feature only available in VoodooPad Pro)

» install

Look for the word "@todo" in all the pages, and list page name with the line.

» install

Reveal document in Finder (uses AppleScript + Lua)

» install

Make a new page with the selected text, without opening it.

» install

Commit changes to subversion

Subversion is a version control system. If you already have your document in a subversion repository this script will add new files, remove deleted files, and commit the changes. To learn more about subversion, visit

» install