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FS • VoodooPad: Encryption
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Encryption in VoodooPad

There are two ways to encrypt your data in VoodooPad. The first one (available in VoodooPad and VoodooPad Pro) is the ability to encrypt a single page. This is known as "Page Level Encryption". The second way (available in Voodoopad Pro only) is known as "Document Level Encryption". We'll go over Page Level Encryption first.

Page Level Encryption

VoodooPad supports encrypting pages one at time, so you can have a mix of encrypted and unencrypted pages in a single document.

When encrypting a page, you are prompted to enter your password twice (to make sure your typing matches your intentions), and an option to keep the password in the Keychain.

(encrypting a page)

When you place your password on the Keychain, you won't have to remember it when decrypting or encrypting your page. If you change your mind later and you would like to have your password removed from the Keychain, hold down the option key when decrypting the page and the password will be removed from the Keychain. Holding down the option key when encrypting will bring up the sheet regardless if you have the password on the Keychain or not.

(decrypting a page)

Document Level Encryption

VoodooPad Pro has the ability to make your whole document encrypted. With this in effect, you enter your password once when opening up your document, and you gain access to all your pages inside.

To remove a password from an encrypted document choose "Set Document Password…" from the Edit menu, and leave the password fields empty. To add a password to a plain document, choose "Change Document Password…" from the Edit menu and enter your password in the fields.