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FS • VoodooPad: Page Templates
Make sure to check out the new wiki located at This one will eventually be retired.

Customize the look of new pages with page templates.

Tired of the way all your new pages look? Wish you could center your text, add newlines, or just bold something? Help is on the way!

Create a page named "NewPageTemplate" and new page will come up with the content "Describe $title$ here." This new page now represents a template for your document when making new pages. Whenever we make changes to this page, all new pages will reflect those changes. For example- select the text "Describe" and bold it. Add some newlines to the page and type "$date$. Now make a new page. You'll see the new page created based off of the template we just modified. You can even insert images in the "NewPageTemplate" and they will show up on all your new pages.

What are some good uses of this?

  • Making a default footer or header with links to new pages- a sort of built in navigation system.
  • Setting a default background that might be easier on your eyes.

Note: This setting (per document) will override the setting you have in the preferences.


Q. Is CSS usable ?

A. No. VoodooPad uses OS X's native text format, RTFD as the format of its pages. Since CSS is based off HTML it is not used for page templates.