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FS • VoodooPad: Formatting
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Formatting Text in VoodooPad

Changing the Font

VoodooPad supports the full range of text formatting that you have come to expect from a Mac OS X application. If you would like to change the current font, type Command-T to bring up the font panel. From here you can select from a list of styles and sizes.

Changing the Background color

(Not available in VoodooPad Lite, 10.3 only)

VoodooPad will also let you change the background color of a page, as long as you are running Mac OS X 10.3 and above. Simply type Command-T from the page you wish to change the background color from, and select the button in the toolbar that looks like a piece of paper with a color box next to it. Save your document and you are set.

Changing font colors

(Not available in VoodooPad Lite)

To change the color of a font, you must first make sure that the option "Allow manual underlining and font color changes" in the preferences options pane is turned on. This is turned off by default in VoodooPad because a blue and underlined word is what delimits a link.

Now if you would like to change the font color, bring up the font panel (Command-T) and select the appropriate color button to do so.

New Page Text

You can change the default "Describe NewPage here" text when you create a new page.
Open up the prefrences, and alter the field "New page text" to your heart's content. Substitute $title$ for where the title of the page would go, $date$ where you would like an optional timestamp to go, and use \n to make where a newline should go.

How to get a more stylized new page.

Tired of the way all your new pages look? Wish you could center your text, add newlines, or just bold something? Help is on the way!

Create a new page named "NewPageTemplate". You should get a page come up that says "Describe $title$ here." Now select the text "Describe" and bold it. Add some newlines to the page and type "$date$. Now make a new page.

Tada! Using this technique you can make your new pages look like you want to. You can even place images in by default.

Note: This setting (per document) will override the setting you have in the preferences.