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FS • FlySketch: New in FlySketch 1.5
Make sure to check out the new wiki located at This one will eventually be retired.

What's New in FlySketch 1.5?

  • PDF Workflow support.
    Now part of the workflow menu, supporting all the system wide PDF Workflow scripts, including Automator support.
  • Fancy Pants Palettes.
    The drawer is gone, and now we have the palettes to stash all kinds of new features in.
  • Smooth Freehand Lines.
    FlySketch now makes those pesky straight lines in the freehand tool nice and smoooth.
  • Resize canvas to super small.
    You can now change the canvas size all the way down to 1×1. Also includes a new widget to let you know what size you are at as well.
  • New color picker.
    FlySketch mimics what the big boys do for selecting colors now.
  • Shadows on Graphics!
    Set a shadow on any selected graphic, even images. Control the offset and blur radius of the shadow as well.
  • Compositing modes.
    New for 10.4 users. Darker, Lighter, Source In, Source Out, etc.. See the compositing modes page for more information.
  • Grids!
    The canvas now has an optional grid, with snap to support.
  • New startup pref
    What's that? You just want FlySketch to disappear into the background when launched? No problem, we can do that.
  • Lots of new menu widget commands, including:
    • Import image.
    • Resize canvas.
    • Add border around canvas.
  • New "round rectangle" shape.
    By popular demand- rounded rectangles are our friends now.
  • New "configure sheet" for new shapes
    Invoked via a single click on the canvas while a tool is selected, it allows you to set dimensions and other properties of a new graphic.
  • New line end shapes in addition to arrow- circle and diamond.
    Stroked and filled varients as well.
  • Auto-detect new scripts
    The workflow scripts menu updates when new scripts are added/removed from the workflow directory. No more restarting to see new workflows!

Various Bug fixes:

  • Window now stays transparent when resizing.
  • Default stroke size is remembered between launches.
  • Fixed a problem when resizing an image with the shift key held down.
  • You can no longer set the fill color for a text box- this caused confusion when trying to set the color for a range of text.
  • Lines with arrows now remember the side the arrow was on when resizing from the lower left corner
  • Freehand lines now do left/right/top/bottom alignment.
  • Straight lines with arrows on the end no longer freak out when doing multiple alignments.
  • Fixed "Send to Mail" bug on 10.4
  • If a screen capture is at the bottom of the graphics stack and it is locked, "send to back" will no longer place an image below it, instead it we be placed right above it.