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Make sure to check out the new wiki located at This one will eventually be retired.

Extra plugins you can have for VoodooPad

The plugin interface for VoodooPad is accessed via the Plugin menu. Plugins have files named *.vpplugin and are installed by selecting the VoodooPad application file (.app) in the Finder, executing the Get Info command from the File menu, opening the Plugin section, hitting Add, and selecting the plugin file from the dialog box. Then when VoodooPad is closed and reopened the plugin command will appear in the Plugin menu.
( If you would like to know about developing plugins for VoodooPad, please visit the Plugin Development page. )

Script Plugins:

Check out the Script Plugins page for information on how to build and install quick plugins. Visit Lua Plugin Snippets for examples.

View Document (and save as PDF)

Download: OS: 10.4+

The View Document plugin opens up a window with a paginated view of your entire document, which really isn't all that useful by itself. However- you can then bring up the print panel, and choose "Save As PDF" to get a PDF of your entire document. That's cool and useful.

The source is available for hacking on as well:

Python Plugin Enabler:


The Python Plugin Enabler is a simple VoodooPad plugin that lets you write additional plugins .. in python. Just double click it and it will install examples in:
~/Library/Application Support/VoodooPad/Script PlugIns/

This plugin was written by Jonathan Wight of Toxic Software . Support questions should go to however.

Render Math:


The Render Math VoodooPad Plugin uses LaTeX to render math in your VoodooPad documents.

Extract Images

Download: (ppc only)

Extract Images will add a plugin that will let you extract all the images in a page to the place of your choosing. Actually- it'll extract any file attachment in there, but you've probably only got images in. OS: 10.3.5+

Hot Key

Download: (ppc only)

The Hot Key plugin lets you assign a hot key to VoodooPad, which when pressed from any application will bring VoodooPad to the front. It is very useful for people who like to take down notes quickly. OS: 10.2.8+

HTML Tools


HTML Tools provides a preview window for interpreting the current page as HTML. It also provides an option to view the page as rendered Textile or Markdown, as well as an option to copy the selected text as HTML. OS: 10.4+

Script Stuff

Script Stuff provides two actions under the Script menu. The first on is "Execute as AppleScript", which will take the contents of the current page and run it like you would in ScriptEditor. The second function is "Format as Python", which will take the front page and colorize it like it is a python script. Make sure the preference "Allow manual underlining and font color changes" is enabled first. OS: 10.3.5+

Download: (ppc only)

VP's Missing Actions v1

Random options that should probably be in VoodooPad. OS: 10.4.3+

  • "New Current Date Page" This creates a new page (and inserts a link at the current position) in the format of 2005.01.31 (for January 1, 2005)
  • "Select Line" selects the current line
  • "Select Paragraph" selects the current paragraph

Download: (ppc only)

Lua Plugin Enabler

(Available for VoodooPad 2.5 on the Lua Plugin Enabler page. VoodooPad 3.0 and later includes the Lua Plugin Enabler by default)