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FS • VoodooPad: New in 3.5
Make sure to check out the new wiki located at This one will eventually be retired.

VoodooPad 3.5:

New Features:

  • Double clicking an image open it up in a suitable external editor (such as Acorn or Preview or Photoshop or whatever). Saving the image will then update the original image located in your VoodooPad Page. You've seen Acorn, right?
  • You can now edit pages and sort the results in the search window (woo!).
  • Option-clicking on a tab close button will close all the open tabs except the one clicked on.
  • The "default page text" in the preferences now accepts rich text, so you can embolden certain phrases or whatever. Go crazy.
  • Pages served up via VoodooPad Pro's built in webserver look a whole lot better, especially on the iPhone.
  • Speaking of the webserver- you now have the ability to search through all the pages when looking at a document in your browser (VoodooPad Pro only).
  • The zoom factor of the page is remembered in the document workspace, so it'll be remembered between launches.
  • When splitting a document, links to pages in the original document are retained for the pages being copied out.
  • Added a page index to the default Web Export templates. Now you have a handy list of all the pages in your Web Export.
  • New AppleScript: tell window 1 of application "VoodooPad" to insert text "hello world!"
  • New AppleScript command to add/embed a file to the current document.
  • Added an option to VoodooPad AppleScript export command- "with synchronous", which makes the export happen in the foreground.


  • Reworked AppleScript implementation, which may require changes to your previous AppleScripts.
  • No longer showing the license when starting up a new version. Please don't sue me.
  • Cleaned up a preferences dialog box which could be confusing.
  • Exporting to the iPod Notes folder is now done on a background thread, which makes things more responsive if you have a ton of pages.
  • Changed the shortcut for deleting a page from Command-D to Command-Shift-D, making in less likely to hit by accident.
  • Double clicking an image with the option key down will now prompt you to save the image.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a problem where cmd-w wouldn't always close a window.
  • VoodooPad Lite no longer tries to install plugins, which it can't use.
  • Fixed a bug where the wiki engine would not markup a link directly following an email in the format ''.
  • You can now copy and paste linkback data across pages.
  • Fixed some issues where list bullets would seemingly pop out of nowhere.
  • Fixed a bug where VP would crash with certain embedded webarchives.


  • New hidden pref for writing out images to the iPod Notes folder (Only works on 5th gen iPods):
    defaults write com.flyingmeat.VoodooPad_Pro writeIpodImages 1
  • When exporting to the iPod notes folder, pages that have been deleted from the document but were still around from the last export are now cleaned up
  • New hidden pref: defaults write com.flyingmeat.VoodooPad_Pro alwaysShowRuler 1