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(To open up the Categories window, choose the Window->Palettes->Categories menu item)

VoodooPad has the ability to assign different categories to a specific page in your document. What this means is you can create a category named "Food" and then assign this category to the pages "Cupcake recipe", "Dinner Ideas", and "The Cake".

And pages can belong in multiple categories as well. For example, say we have a "Wedding" category and then assign the pages "Guest List", "Reception Info", and "The Cake" to it. Notice that "The Cake" is in the Food category as well.

This is an easy way to organize pages in VoodooPad document according to topics.

Tip: To rename a category, hold down the option key and double click its name in the listing view.

Categories as Tags

You can also view the categories for an item as "tags". To switch to this view, click on the widget in the top right corner of the categories list, and select "View as Tags":

You will then be able to view all the categories that the item is in, as well as add new categories to the item from this view in an easy manner: