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FS • FlySketch: Upload to Flickr
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Upload to Flickr Workflow

First- what is Flickr? – "The best way to store, search, sort and share your photos."

Ok, so the idea is that you create something in FlySketch, and then choose "Upload to Flickr" from the workflow menu, and tada- the world gets to see your beautiful drawing / creation / screen grab / whatever.

To set this up, you are going to need an Automator action (link provided below), you have to configure the action and then save it as an app in the FlySketch workflow folder. It's pretty simple, let's get started.

  1. Grab the Automator action , lovingly provided by Fraser Speirs .
  2. Install the action in your ~/Library/Automator folder ( you might have to create the Automator folder first)
  3. Open up Automator and include your account information, and configure it as you may. Save the workflow as an action in your ~/Library/Application Support/FlySketch/Workflow Scripts folder. Call it "Upload to Flickr". You may have to quit and restart FlySketch to see the workflow action show up.
  4. Make sure your workflow settings are set to "png" in the preferences.
  5. Try it out by choosing "Upload to Flickr" from your workflow actions (the button with the script symbol on it).


  • It isn't working for me!
    Are you sure you put in the right username (it's your email address) and password?
  • I'm still on 10.3 – what are my options?
    None right now- however it shouldn't be too hard for another script that works on 10.3 to come along and do the same thing. If one ever shows up we'll update this page.