Acorn Acorn 5

Documentation Updates

August 3rd, 2016

• New layer alignment feature added to documentation.

Resize, Rotate, & Align Layers

• Customizable drop shadow section added to drop shadow tutorial.

Drop Shadows

• New pages showing examples and descriptions of filters:

Blur Filters

Color Adjustment Filters

Color Effect Filters

Distortion Effect Filters

Generators, Gradients, and Halftone Effects Filters

Sharpen, Stylize, & Misc. Filters

Tile Effect Filters

• Updated Gold Text tutorial.

Gold Text

• New Shape Processor and Shape Processor with Filters video tutorials.

Shape Processor Basics

Shape Processor with Filters

• New Metallic Text beginner text tutorial.

Metallic Text

• A list of Acorn’s menu options to help when searching for keyboard shortcut or functions.

Acorn’s Menu Options